Mullins Cheese manufactures a variety of exceptional cheeses made to exceed Wisconsin's superior standards

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We source our milk supply from approximately 700 dairy farms throughout Wisconsin. Farmers work diligently day in and day out no matter the circumstances. They are vital to the success of our state and we intend to make them proud of the products we deliver.

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Consumer demands are constantly evolving from purchasing habits to sustainability expectations. Our resiliency to such changes is in fact rooted in our tradition along with our commitment to growth through innovation as our pathway to future success. Now in our 4th generation, The Mullins Family continues to raise the bar in superior products that exceed those expectations.

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culture & mission


Success in our mission relies on the success of our culture. In knowing that no one job is beneath us in our efforts to deliver the promises we make to ourselves and to others; it is Mullins core belief that

'Together, Integrity & Strong Work Ethic Provides Opportunity In Growth Both Personally & Professionally.


Through innovation and time-honored practices, Mullins Cheese is vested in being at the forefront of manufacturing traditional and value-added products.  With the unsurpassed efforts and devotion of all those who contribute, from our suppliers to our buyers, expect Mullins to deliver the finest and most original products time and time again.

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Mullins is dedicated to providing premier products to our customers while being conscious of our environmental impact.  Our commitment to growth through innovation allows us to strive for component optimization in order to minimize our carbon footprint. Mullins is also a proud participant of the FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) Program, which provides standards in Animal Care, Environmental Stewardship (ES), Antibiotic Stewardship and Workforce Development.

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