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Cheese Knowledge:

The flavor of Colby cheese is often compared to cheddar, but the cheese is much more mild and creamy. Colby also has a high moisture content, and it tends to be much softer than cheddar. The cheese is manufactured with a washed curd process, and is not subjected to cheddaring, as is the case with cheddar cheese. Washing reduces the acid content, making Colby cheese less tangy when it is finished.


• Joseph F. Steinwand in 1874 developed a new type of cheese at his father's cheese factory near Colby, Wisconsin. The cheese was named after the village, which had been founded three years earlier.

• An 1898 issue of the "Colby Phonograph" noted that "A merchant in Phillips gives as one of the 13 reasons why people should trade with him, that he sells the genuine Steinwand Colby Cheese." After the turn of the century Wisconsin became known as one of the great cheese producing centers in the United States.
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Handling & Storage:

• The gentle, mild cheese does not age well, tending to become cracked and dry. It should be eaten as young as possible, making it an excellent choice of cheese for commercial production since dairies do not need to invest in a large aging area for finished cheeses. Certain high quality Colby cheese may be aged, but the majority of the cheese is sent directly to market.


• Mild Cheddar

Favorite Pairings:

• Zinfandel, Syrah, & Shiraz wines
• Tangy Rye Bread
• Apples
• Pears
• Grilled Sandwiches

Popular Recipes:

Hash Browns Casserole

Baked Cheese Spread

Salsa Mac & Colby Cheese