Cheese Knowledge

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Pictured above is company founder John Mullins (far right) as a young man working for his father-in-law, Emil Wimmer (far left), in a plant in Marathon, WI. Emil Wimmer purchased his first cheese plant in 1921. John's own father, Mel Mullins, purchased his first cheese plant in 1927. Cheese making has been in the Mullins family ever since.


John Mullins picking up milk cans from the farm.



Delivering milk to John Mullins' York Dairy, in Granton, WI.


Now in its 4th generation of cheese makers, Mullins Cheese has been making fresh cheese since 1970 at its current location. Not only has the Mullins Cheese family grown over the years, but the cheese plant itself has expanded several times. In addition to the plant expanding, the cheese making process has a come a long way over the last 40 years, and we have evolved with it, installing all the latest technology and equipment.